Saving Money Scrapbooking Our Vacation

Getting ready to scrapbook the photos from our recent vacation. We traveled from Friday and were back home on Tuesday, going from Minnesota on a road trip to Steven’s Point Wisconsin; for the Midwest Renewable energy Fair, Milwaukee, and then on Amtrak to Chicago for the day and our last day around the Milwakee area.
Getting ready, first I have a digital camera in various ages so I have to download the cameras-three of them, we each took some pictures- and then re size and then I think I will upload to Kodakgalley or Shutterfly and have a set mailed to me. I have used both of these sites before and they are easy to use. The last trip I did the one hour service at Walmart, and picked them up the next day. While this is handy way to show off some off recent photos and begin to scrapbook, the one hour service is pricey compared to even a local upload and having them mailed. I have other pages to work on now, so I can wait for the mail order process. I did go to Wal-mart this morning and found some clearance 12x12card stock paper which I bought. I’ll let you know what I order and share a scrapbook once I get that far.


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